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If you are interested in sponsoring one of these students, please contact us. Cost is from $500 to $1000 per year depending on where the student is studying.



Maria Victoria Osorio Palma

Victoria (Vickie) is in Puebla at the convent of the Siervas de Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Cristo y de Los Pobres. We have have watched this girl from 3rd grade through her graduation from primary school and then through Jr. High. She has always helped others; perhaps she learned it from her parents who, although not wealthy often take those less fortunate into their home. It is difficult to define just what Vickie has, it is something perhaps like a strongly positive aura about her which I have never experienced before knowing her. Previously we thought the Church sponsored young ladies entering an order but, it seems they need help. When Vickie did not have money for shoes nor for her novitiate uniforms other Sisters took up a collection and bought her what she needed. In the past Vickie was supported by Doug and Ana Maria Rhodes, this year the order supports her but we include her because we are so proud of her accomplishments and hope to join her when she takes her vows on June 24, 2011. Project director Doug Rhodes visited Hermana Victoria in July, 2010. She had received no other visitors from Chihuahua and was so thrilled that she ran, in her habit, like a young girl and jumped into his arms surprising everyone around her, but they quickly recovered and they had a great visit including a private lunch at the convent.

Alan Joe Gonzales Gonzales (Sponsored)

Alan, 21, is in his third year at the Technological Institute of Chihuahua studying to be an Electronics Engineer. We have been working with Alan since junior high and have watched this courteous and considerate young man overcome tremendous obstacles to continue his education. He is from Cuiteco, his father left years ago after a disease left his mother blind. He works whenever he can find odd jobs to supplement his scholarships (he also has a small one from the Municipio de Urique) and lives with a brother but has problems paying expensive tuition and surviving at the same time. He is sponsored by Ron, of the Mount Vernon High School Class of '62.


Veronica Ayala Castro 

Veronica, or Bero, as she is commonly known graduated last year from the technical nursing school in Sisoguichi. She is presently studying for a nursing degree in Chihuahua.  She is 20 years old and dreamed of becoming a doctor but financial hardships caused her to lower her ambitions. She has three sisters and two brothers, her mother now lives in Creel after Bero took the initiative to rescuer her from a husband who beat her and attempted to abuse his daughters. A sister Rosalba is in Junior High, Angelica is in high schools, her brother Martin is in grade school, her youngest sibling, Fatima, is in the Catholic boarding school in Cerocahui. Bero badly needs a sponsor or sponsors.



Lucero Dominguez Arasola (Sponsored)

Lucero, 18, is in her first year of the University in Los Mochis studying Civil Engineering. During high school she was one of our best students with a 96% grade average. A single mother, she lives with her mother and daughter in a house loaned to them by her Uncle. With the help of our scholarship, this humble family is realizing their dreams for Lucero.  Her father had a stroke 7 years ago but continues as an itinerant cheese salesman to help support his only daughter. She is sponsored by Nancy of Lubbock, Texas, in memory of her Mother.

Brianda de Jesus and Alba Leticia Gill Javalero

Brianda (left) and Leticia  (right) are both from Batopilas where their mother teaches preschool and their father is a tour guide who has virtually no work because of problems in the Mexican tourism industry. Brianda is in her third year studying Business Administration at the Instituto Tecnologico de Los Mochis, Leticia is in her first year studying International Business Relations at the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa. The sisters share a small house with two other girls in Los Mochis, both maintain a 90-100% grade average. They are sponsored by the Don Fuchik Foundation. Don was a highly respected guide for California Native who had a close and caring relationship with the Gill-Javalero family.

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