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  High school in Mexico is the social equivalent of a junior college in the United States. When we first began helping students very few went beyond secondary school, now we are seeing more and more continue into high school, known as "Bachilleres" or "Preparatoria," through the help of Rota-Scholars. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these students, please contact us. Cost is from $300 to $500 per year depending on where the student is studying.

Angel Zafiro Requejo (Sponsored)

Angel, 17, is in his senior year studying in Cerocahui where he lives. He has ambitions to become a veterinarian which stands to reason since her father has spent his lifetime working with cattle and horses. A cheerful young man, he is active in the local group of adolescents. Gabriela from Mexico City is Sponsoring Angel.

Irma Leticia Mancinas Carillo (Sponsored)

At 16 years of age, from Churo and in the third year at San Rafael; Irma’s situation is a heartbreaker. First her father left then, recently, the mother abandoned her. An uncle brought her to us. She is shy, withdrawn, has little in the way of material things but somehow maintains an 82% average. She lives with an aunt. To help in her support, her grandparents walk 4 hours each way to sell firewood. Irma is being sponsored by Barbara of Vancouver, British Columbia. 


Carolina Catarina Cienega

Carolina, 16, graduated from the Carichic junior high last year. She lives in Corarayvo, Municipo de Guazapares where her father farms and her mother takes care of the house and bakes bread to raise money to keep her daughter in school. Carolina is in her first year the Jose A. Llaguno school in Chihuahua. Her family has supported her in every way possible, I recall one cold winter night when mechanical problems delayed our return from school when we arrived at 9:00 PM her parents were waiting alongside the road in Bahuichivo to take her home.

Marisela Perez Perez and Oliver Perez Cienega

Cousins Marisela, 15, and Oliver, 14, have always gone to school together and are more like siblings than cousins. They graduated from junior high this year and are now in high school in Urique. Both of their mothers were raised in a roadside cave on the rim of the Urique canyon, Oliver's father died before he was born, Marisela's father abandoned them early in her life. With a 98% average Marisela receives some help in her studies from her school. Oliver averaged 90% but has been ill and his grades slipped some this past year. He was most receptive to counseling and is now doing much better. Both students and their parents are highly dedicated and never miss a scholarship meeting or event. There Mother's earn a living selling baskets from their cave but declining tourism in the area plus changes in tours stops have left them with few sales. These outstanding cousins could become area leaders but their sponsors were unable to continue helping them and they desperately need help. They are sponsored in part by Tina and Doc of California.

Berta Delgado Quintero

Berta, 16, is in her first year in San Rafael. at the Catholic School in Sisoguichi, abused by her father then later abandoned by her mother she and her younger sister, Paulita, resided with an aunt when not in school. (Note: we are helping Paulita with her elementary school education). Berta initially did poorly in school but has recently pulled her average up to 78%. Perhaps more important to her recovery, she has shared her experiences with other girls during meetings held by the church. She and her sister spent Christmas with the Rota-Scholars project manager and although shivering, had to be encouraged to take a donated jacket. She hopes to become a nun and is currently with Sister Sanjuana who is forming a new order comprised of girls from the Sierra.

Marina Salmeron Morena

Marina, 19, is in her third year in Cerocahui, she was attending high school in San Juanito but financial challenges forced her to return to Cerocahui where she lives in a humble adobe structure with her mother and others of her family. When visited she proudly displayed a diploma and the 100% grades she received in a computer course. Her father left the family years ago, her mother works in a coop grocery store, she and her family also bake bread and make tortillas which they sell using the profits and earnings to keep four children in school. This bright young girl urgently needs a sponsor.


Sofia Azucena Ortega Quintero (Sponsored)

Sofia, 17, is in her third year in San Juanito. She is an outstanding student with an 88% average and comes from a family or little resources but dedicated to helping others. Previously we required personal letters froms students, she always decorated her letters with cute little drawings, mostly of cats and flowers. For the first four years Sofia was sponsored by clients' donations at the Hotel Paraiso del Oso. Last year Gabriela from Mexico City began sponsoring her.

Ebane Gonzales Perez Partially (Sponsored)

Ebane, 16, is in his second year in Creel, he has overcome major obstacles and hardships to maintain a grade average above 90%. His single mother works cleaning houses and in similar jobs. Although she has no education herself she values education and works hard to support Ebane in school but she needs help. Ebane had a brother who realized how hard his mother worked to support them and committed suicide in the belief it would help his mother concentrate limited resources on his brother. He is partially supported by JoElla from New York who met Ebane during a tour in September.

Carmen Cecilia Chaparro Rodriguez

 Ceci, 17, in her third year in Creel, has bounced back and forth in schools because of family problems. Her parents are separated with the mother providing almost full support as a secretary of the secondary school and at the same time struggling to finish college in Creel. It has been a long battle but she should receive her degree this year. We first met Ceci when she was a lead dancer in a primary school group that came to hotels to raise donations for their school. She continues to dance and does so with an unmatched grace, enthusiasm and elegance.  With a 94% average she is one of our better students. She was sponsored by the Blister Sisters hiking group from British Columbia, Canada but their three year commitment has finished and she needs more help.

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