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Proud 2009 graduates L-R Cruz Delia, Estela, Thelma, Ofelia, Lupe, and Natividad. There was no graduation in 2009 because of the flu epidemic.

The Carichi students are actually from a number of different pueblos but are all attending a Catholic Junior High boarding school for  girls in Carichi.

 This school provides a safe, controlled atmosphere where girls study with other, mostly Tarahumara, students from throughout the Sierra. This is our sixth year helping students in Carichic. Although we personally  are committed to helping only one or two girls, the good sisters agreed to accept other graduates from the boarding school in Cerocahui along with other girls who were brought to them. Out of a total of 5 students only two have scholarships. The sisters are miracle workers but could certainly use help for the remaining students.

Tuition and boarding at the school is normally about $800 per year but we have made special arrangements for the girls, thus, the scholarships are only $500 (if that is too much for one person, sponsorship can be divided amongst several individuals). The Hotel Paraiso del Oso provides transportation to and from the school 6 times per year (a 6-hour drive).—Doug Rhodes.

Cruz Mora Quintero

Cruz is from Porochi and is in her third year. She was recommended by the Sisters at the Cerocahui primary school. She is 14 years old, has both parents and three siblings in her home. Her grade average is 8.7. Her older siblings have dropped out of school and are a little wild but Cruz seems to be a lot calmer. Her sister Esperanza was with us three years ago but dropped from the program. Her father is a farmer, her mother cooks in the Porochi boarding school.

Felipa Corrales Patiño

Felipa, in her second year, is the third of her sisters to study in Carichic. A shy girl, she has overcome some problems in her pueblo and improved much this year. She is from Corarayvo where both parents farm for survival. 

Rocia Yadira Salas Mora (Sponsored)

Shown here with her Grandmother, Yadira,  15, is from Piedres Verdes and in her third year. Both her parents are deceased, she lives with her grandparents who farm. Her grade average is 8.5. She lives in an area with little law and much abuse of young Tarahumara girls, especially those without a father to protect them. We were touched when her grandmother, who had no money, gave us peaches to help out with her transportation. Yadira is sponsored by Allan and Karen of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ericka Pocare Cabada

Ericka, 14 a second year student, is from the small ranchito of San Jose de Pinal, her father farms and her mother works as a cook in the local elementary school. Ericka is in the first year and, although bright, is from a broken, essentially nonfunctional family and like her sister before her, has a strong personality that sometimes manifested itself in behavior problems during her first year in Carichic. On the other hand, she is a natural leader who helps frequently



Maria Dolores (Lola) Carillo Borica (Sponsored)

Lola, 15, is from Puerto Gallegos, people who visited here may recall her Mother, Paola, selling baskets at the Cerro Gallegos lookout. We have known Lola from infancy and watched her mature into a bright and fine young lady who always seems to help out in everything. There has been some strife in her family which perhaps caused a facial paralysis which we hope is temporary. She is sponsored by Doug, project director.

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