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Normally STEP does not sponsor elementary school children. We have made exceptions in the following cases because of extenuating circumstances .  Please consider them in your sponsorship. Maria Esther needs $400 to sponsor her. Fatima, Angelina, and Paulita are being helped by project manager Doug Rhodes and his wife Ana Maria until a sponsor can be located. It would only cost $140 per year to sponsor any of these other girls.

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Maria Esther Carrillo Borica (Partially Sponsored)

Esther, 14, is in the 6th grade at Carichic. She is from Puerto Gallegos, people who visited here may recall her Mother, Paola, selling baskets at the Cerro Gallegos lookout. We have known Esther from infancy and watched her mature into a bright and fine young lady. There has been some strife in her family which perhaps caused problems causing her to change schools. Esther is being partially sponsored by two directors of the Norawas Foundation, Brooke and Deborah of Brooke who is a director of the Norawas foundation. This foundation is dedicated to supporting and reinvigorating the Tarahumara running culture learn more at http://www.norawas.org/.

Fatima Ayala Quintero (Sponsored)

Fatima is in the first grade and follows three older sisters who graduated from the Catholic boarding school in Cerocahui. Originally from Huicorachi, the family separated from an abusive father and now lives in Creel. Her mother, who never attended school and cannot write,  is totally dedicated to her children's education, so much so that she hitches rides from Creel to make monthly visits to her daughter. Fatima is sponsored by Elise of New York. Elise is following in the footsteps of her aunt who has sponsored 5 students.

Angelina Ortega Carillo (Sponsored)

Angelina recently transferred to the Catholic Boarding school in Cerocahui from another school with much lower standards and, reportedly, little protection for young girls. She has had a really tough life, one which we hope can be improved. While she was an infant both mother and grandmother were killed by insecticide poisoning contacted where they worked; her father spent months in a hospital but recovered. He remarried but has another family now. Angelica lives with an older sister, a single Mother with a terminal illness who also takes care of three brothers and earns money selling baskets. Angelina is delighted that she is now somewhere where she receives adequate alimentation and care, she is sponsored by Jean and by the the Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanas Club Children Prioity One Project, both from Florida..

Paulita Delgado Quintero (Sponsored)

Paulita is in the second grade at the Catholic Boarding School in Cerocahui where she entered preschool when parental abuse tore her world apart. Although she has both biological parents, she is a virtual orphan. Originally from San Jose de Pinal, Paulita resides part-time with a distant aunt in Cerocahui. Her aunt is a seamstress who goes out of her way to help others. Paulita is sponsored by Tina and Doc of California.




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